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    In order to get your website (re)designed, there are a couple of steps you need to take.

    • You will need to get a domain name (web address) for your site.
    • You will also need to get web hosting to "host" your site on the internet monthly.
    • If you get hosting with me, I will make it a hosting + Basic SEO package for a great deal

    The options offered below are based on what you already have or don't have.

    • - If you do not have a domain name or web hosting, PLAN A is for you.
    • - If you already have a domain name with no hosting, option PLAN B is for you.

    (If you already have a domain name and hosting but still want a website built, you will need to contact me for pricing.)

    Best If You Don't Have A Domain OR Hosting
    Best If You Have A Domain but No Hosting
    (1) First, you need web hosting. To get hosting and Basic SEO with us, click here:
    (1) First, you need web hosting. To get hosting and the first month free, click here:

    (opens in new window)

    Use the coupon:
    siteseofreewebsite to get 1 month free hosting!!!
    (2) Secondly, you need a domain name. For an affordable domain click here:
    (opens in new window)
    (3) Wordpress Site (Re)Design:
    Website (Re)Design
    (2) Wordpress Site (Re)Design:
    Website (Re)Design
    (4) Setup & Installation Fee:
    Setup Fee
    (3) Setup & Installation Fee:
    Setup Fee

      After Your Order You'll Return Here:

    1. Go to this site, and choose the template you want for your wordpress site (unless you want me to choose one for you):

    3. Download the following Excel file, open it, and enter your new website information (template, etc.) into it.

      Click Here To Download

    (If you do not have excel, you may open the file with either OpenOffice or GoogleDocs.)

    After entering the required information in the cells requested, save it and email it to me when you order.
    Information required is domain (url), host information, cpanel username & password, and the keyword for your domain.
    You can set your password to a temporary one until I have finished installing your blog, then change it back to something only you know for security.

    1. Note: These are the plugins I will install for you. They are ALL highly recommended (I may also add a few bonus plugins):
      • Akismet - Spam fighting plugin
      • All-In-One-SEO-Pack - Optimizes your blog for search engines using basic SEO
      • Subscribe Me - Lets users subscribe to your blogs RSS feed and encourages them to return to read your blog when it is updated.
      • Evermore - Let's your posts be abbreviated so readers can click the "more" link to read more.
      • Less - Allows you to hide the paragraph you just read with the "evermore" plugin
      • Adsense Manager - Allows you to add adsense to your blog or posts so that you may earn income from visitors clicking adsense ads

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