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    This where we do our best to place you as high as possible on Google Maps And Google Places.
    The power of being on these "local places" cannot be understated. You will rank HIGHLY in the search engines.

    With an order of a local placement, we will place you on Google Maps and Google Places for your chosen keyword for your city. Meaning, when people in your area search for that keyword in your city, you will show up in as highly ranked a position as we can possibly get you.

    We will create for you:

    1. A Google Maps Listing
    2. A Google Places Listing (Also Yahoo! Local & Bing! Local Listings)
    3. A Google Account
    4. A Solid List Of External Citations And References To Your Listing
    5. A Strategy For Getting Excellent Reviews And Reputation Management
    6. Monthly Maintenance Of Your Listing Including Necessary Improvements (More Reviews & Citations)

    To show you we know about ranking sites in Google Places, I authored THE definitive guide to getting your site ranked highly in Google places: Google Places Secret System (G.P.S.S.). You can see it here:

    To see in more detail what we will do for you, please Click here: Google Places System Setup,and read
    the PDF white paper. To get these techniques set up for your site in Google's local listings, please order below.

    Multiple Listings!

    Having a Google Places listing is very important. What's more important, is having multiple listings. This means how many rankings you have for your chosen keyword(s). Having one spot on Google's first page is nice. However, having two spots is twice as nice. Well, would you like to have more? If so, we not only offer a Google Places listing on the first page, we also place OTHER listing to rank on the front page for your best keywords! Yes, imagine having 2, 3, 4 or 8 out of the first 10 listings on the front page of Google! Do you think potential customers searching for your keyword will more likely call you? Imagine having a Google Places listing on the first page, a YouTube Video at #2, a citationlisting at #4, a Press Release at #6....... how many clicks and calls do you think you will get? **Each listing is GUARANTEED to rank for at least 2 - 4 Keywords (from a list of 5 - 8 desired keywords)!

    Tracking Visitors To Your Listings!

    With multiple listings you are sure to wonder "how will I know if this is working for me?" Valid question - After all, you need to know that your Google places and listings are getting potential customers to your site or to call you, right? Well we have a simple "coupon method" we use. Every customer who calls you from a citation or your Google places will inform you of a certain coupon code. This will let you kno where they found you.

    Reputation Management

    Your reputation on the web is important. In order to maintain a positive online reputation and to give potential prospects a reason to contact you instead of your competition, it is important to have a positive experience for them to relate to. Depending on your package as a Pro or Pro Plus member, we will write and submit between 10-30 reviews that are a rating of at least four and five star every month to your Google Places and other newly created review sites. To get these techniques set up in addition to your Google Places listing, please order below.

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