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    Mobile Marketing For Businesses

    This is where technology of mobile devices such as smart phones come into play for advertising your business. Nowadays, it is rare to see anyone without a smart phone device especially now that mroe online purchases are made via smart phones than via computer. The time to extend your business to mobile marketing is here.

    People do everything on phones now.... including purchasing.So simply put we need to accomodate these devices to enable us communicate with and market to them effectively.
    With that said, here is what we offer to you to enable you reach this growing segment on your potential customers:

    QR Code Creation and Optimization

    We will create for you, a QR Code, which is a scannable code that contains information relevant to your business and/or your website. This code is cutting edge marketing at its finest. You can reach customers inprint ads, on business cards, flyers or even video - anywhere where they can scan thie rphones over your code. The code will also have links to your site or Facebook page and will prominently feature your phone number.

    Mobile Web App Creation & Hosting

    Depending on the package you select, we create a web app of your site that allows the most important features of your site to be seen more easily on mobile devices. As you know, most websites are hard to read on a mobile device, because they weren't desiged to be viewed on a mobile device or smart phone. However, once your site is redesigned with a web app, it is easier to read and navigate for customers who come across your site on their device. After creating this app for you we host as well which allows us to make quick changes to it if needed.

    Facebook LikeGate aka Fan/Lead Generation

    Getting those who scan your QR code to 'like' and become 'fans' so you can contact them and market to them later. This is a freindly form of lead generation or list building. To acheive this, we set it up so that potential clients who "like" your Facebook page ar given a reason to do so. Once they do, they become a fand AND a lead. You can then stay in touch with them weekly or monthly on Facebook, by offering them specisls discounts and relevant news to kep them engaged and coming back to you as regular cusotmers. If you don't have a Facebook page (why wouldn't you?) we can create one for you.

    Video Advertising Creation and Optimization

    We will create and rank on Google's first page, appealing 45-90 second commercials with images, text and music. These videos will be created with a call to action and a compelling reason for your prospects to contact you. They will also have links to your site and will prominently feature your phone number. Each video can target up to 5 relevant keywords.

    Mobile Marketing Combo: Combining All The Above!

    Not only can we create all four items for your mobile marketing bonanza, we can combine them all into a seamless package for you. How? Well imagine this: You place an ad in a newspaper or print publication, a potential customer sees it and notices your QR code printed in the ad. The other possiblity is we rank a promotional YouTube video highly for you on Google's first page, and he finds it while searching for your type of business. He watches the video and notices a QR code right there in the video (yes, we do this for you). He whips out his smart phone and scans your QR code. It takes him to either your mobile site through our mobile web app of your website, or our special "Like Gate" page where he clicks "Like" to get a special or discount of your service. Once he does, he receives a "coupon" right there on his phone. He is now also a member of your Facebook fan page! Meaning you can always keep in contact with him and let him know of other offers and specials you will be having. You just aded a new "fan" to your marketing list :).


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    Mobile Marketing Tools


    Video Marketing Only:
    $149 a month + $99 Setup

    Video + QR Code:
    $149 a month + $99 Setup + $75

    Video + Facebook Like:
    $149 a month + $99 Setup + $197

    Video + Mobile Web App:
    $149 a month + $99 Setup + $297

    Video + QR Code + Mobile Web App:
    $149 a month + $99 Setup + $75 + $297

    Video + QR Code + Mobile Web App + Facebook Like:
    $149 a month + $99 Setup + $75 + $297 + $197

    Video + Mobile Web App + Facebook Like:
    $149 a month + $99 Setup + $297 + $197

    Video + QR Code + Facebook Like:
    $149 a month + $99 Setup + $75 + $197

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